About me



Adoption is a very special privilege. After fostering my sons for 6 years we were able to adopt them and this made a huge difference to them and us. We've had so much to learn on our adoption journey and being able to ultimately call the boys our own created a feeling of belonging for them. However, we still face significant challenges daily with behavior. 


I have also prepared children for adoption which is both wonderful although a little heart-breaking at the same time. I know what it is like for an adoptive family to try and settle a child quickly and how tiring that can be. I have stayed away from home during introductions in order to hand a child over and experienced firsthand the emotional rollercoaster this can be.

After I sold my child care business I decided that I want to help and support adopters and foster carers. You will find lots of information on my youtube channel but you can also contact me for a 1: 1 consultation on anything about children's behaviors, attachment, development, communication.


I hold a first-class honors degree in Early childhood studies and a postgraduate diploma in communication disorders 

My qualifications, skills and training

Fostering children with complex needs and challenging behaviour
Moving foster children to adoption
An adoptive parent of siblings for the last 8 years
Director of 8-day nurseries for 22 years
 Early Childhood Studies Degree (1st class Hons)
Postgraduate Diploma (Childhood Communication Disorders)
Foetal Alcohol
Attachment and Attachment Disorder
Trauma and communication